WWW Flyers fronttake a trip through the Wick…

click the link below to take the tour


… an interactive walking / talking tour through Hackney Wick’s creative community, with comment, question and interpretation of the unique conglomeration of over 600 artist studios with observations from artists, activists & residents along the way.

Starting on Dace Road outside the infamous Percy Dalton’s peanut factory .. now inhabited by live/work artists .. the tour takes you through the graffiti-strewn streets, along the border of the towering stadiums of the 2012 games, charting pockets of nature in between and coming to it’s destination at Hackney Wick’s station… take the trip through the Wick…


2 thoughts on “film

  1. What an interesting film, great insight into an area I usually take for granted. Thanks Sarah.

  2. This film poses very interesting questions for further dialogue and debate. The combination of the eerie quality of the visuals coming in and out of focus along with the snippets of conversation enhance the underlying message of the transient nature and uncertain future of artistic communities. All this with a subtlety and sensitivity seeing these things through the eye of an artist. Spot on.

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